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Bayos Dei Silvanbull

Youth World Champion 2002 / HD B
His father: Ch. Paco, World Champion 1999, Italian, Finnish & VDH (German) Champion
His mother: Queen, BJS 2000, full sister of Ch. Nestore (Italian & Youth World Champion 2000)
daughter of Ch. Ettore, Italian & European Champion

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Bayos' littermates are:
Jara Dei Silvanbull (HD A)
Luna Dei Silvanbull (HD B)

Bayos & Jara


Ch. Paco (HD C)
Word Champion 1999, Italian Champion, VDH (German) Champion & FInnish Champion
Sired many great Cane Corsos, including Amoko Des Pres De Courire, Youth European Champion 2002



Bundesjugendsieger 2000
Best bitch Open Class, World Championship 2002
Sister of: Ch. Nestore, Italian Champion & Youth World Champion 2000, Milano Italy
Daughter of: Italian & European Champion Ettore (HD B) & Dauna (HD B)


Ch. Ettore (HD B)
Italian & European Champion.
Sired many great dogs like:
Alice (HD B), Italian Champion & Youth World Champion 2000, Milano Italy
Yado (HD C), Italian Champion & Topdog 2000
Nikita (HD B), Italian Champion & Vice European Champion
Quickpuma (HD C), Swedisch & North European Champion
Parcifal (HD B), Swedisch & North European Champion
And many many  others

Dauna (Click to enlarge)Dauna (HD B):
Reproductive Champion
Known for her excellent health, which she also passes on to her pups.
also the mother of:
Dius (HD A), who sired Italian Champion Ciro (HD A)


Birillo (Cllick her to visit his own site)Birillo (Click to enlarge)Birillo sired:
It. Ch. Simon (HD B)
It. Ch. Ettore (HD B),
European Champion 2000
Birillo is a son of Bulan, which makes him a direct decendant from the famous  Tipsi & Dauno, who are known to have produced the best pups ever. Bulan is a littermate of Basir, the dog used for the first breedstandard.


Arras (Click to enlarge)Arras sired:
Ch. Paco: World Champion 1998, Italian, Finnish
& VDH Champion
Dauna (HD B) who is the mother and grandmother of many great Cane Corsos.

Nancy Koper